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ODI Batsmen Complete List
Players Team Points
Babar Azam PAK 887
Imam-ul-Haq IND 740
Test Batsmen Complete List
Players Team Points
Marnus Labuschagne AUS 915
Steve Smith AUS 872
Babar Azam PAK 862
T20 Batsmen Complete List
Players Team Points
Suryakumar Yadav IND 906
ICC Team Ranking
ODI Check Complete List
Teams Matches Points Rating
India 44 5,010 114
Australia 32 3,572 112
New Zealand 29 3,229 111
England 36 3,988 111
Pakistan 25 2,649 106
South Africa 27 2,775 103
Bangladesh 36 3,415 95
Sri Lanka 34 2,976 88
AFGHANISTAN 20 1,419 71
WEST INDIES 41 2,902 71
Test Check Complete List
Teams Matches Points Rating
AUSTRALIA 34 4,143 122
INDIA 37 4,420 119
ENGLAND 50 5,314 106
SOUTH AFRICA 32 3,336 104
NEW ZEALAND 36 3,700 103
PAKISTAN 30 2,638 88
SRI LANKA 29 2,432 84
WEST INDIES 34 2,571 76
BANGLADESH 25 1,161 46
Afghanistan 3 119 40
T20 Check Complete List
Teams Matches Points Rating
INDIA 69 18,445 267
ENGLAND 52 13,555 261
PAKISTAN 55 14,168 258
SOUTH AFRICA 41 10,510 256
NEW ZEALAND 53 13,371 252
AUSTRALIA 47 11,784 251
WEST INDIES 51 12,039 236
Sri Lanka 53 12,485 236
BANGLADESH 54 12,266 222
AFGHANISTAN 33 7,112 216

2022 Cricket in Glimpses

Women's Premier League, 2023
Women's Premier League, 2023
Point Table
Team M W L NRR Pts
8 6 2 +1.856 12
8 6 2 +1.711 12
8 4 4 -0.200 8
8 2 6 -1.137 4
8 2 6 -2.220 4
Cricket Quiz
Which of the following is the oldest test cricket playing country in the world?
Australia India West Indies South Africa
Where is the headquarter of the ICC?
London Cape town Sydney Dubai
When was ICC established?
1909 1953 1960 1877
Which of the following international competition is not organized by the ICC?
Champions Trophy World Cricket League Under-19 Cricket World Cup Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy
Which of the following Indian player have got first “Man of the Tournament” Award in the ICC Cricket World Cup?
Sachin Tendulkar Yuvraj Singh Mohinder Amarnath M.S. Dhoni
When was the first Cricket World Cup held?
1975 1953 1979 1928

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Cricket is a global sport that enjoys immense popularity not only in India but across the global territories. To showcase brilliant performances in the cricket world, it requires physical and mental strength on the pitch with presence of mind.

Since the inception of cricket in the 1700s in India, it has evolved into many forms, such as One Day Internationals (ODIs) and T20 with Test cricket being the traditional form of cricket. Apparently, the players have found various techniques to master the game and thrash the opponents on the pitch.

The different forms of cricket are played in different formats and the cricket enthusiasts love T20 format the most, it being the shortest form of cricket. Whatever be the form of cricket, the ultimate target is the same with the winning team being the one who scores maximum runs in the innings.

Run score, dismissals, stumps, bowling attacks, boundaries, sixes, and the high zest of the cricket fans on the pitch remains intact. The changing players can flip the game with their intense power and techniques.

We, at Shanker Sports News, bring up the latest cricket updates for you to avoid missing any cricket watching experience to leverage the fun and joy you get.

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If you don’t keep up with the trends of cricket, there are chances that you miss on major opportunities to know the insights of the cricket world. Every cricket fan awaits invariably for the latest news to come up, be it about the upcoming matches, live scores, top batters & bowlers, or the top performing teams.

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We provide you the trending cricket news on the coming matches and the updates about the participating teams, format of the match, health of the players, condition of the pitch and their past records on a particular field.

We get you covered with the updates on domestic matches and international matches with their famous hosted series. If you are new to the cricket world, let’s dive in to know more about the forms of the cricket that the matches are hosted in. Here are the different forms of cricket:

  • Test Cricket

Test cricket is the traditional form of cricket which is the longest form. This format of cricket attracts the purists and, depending on the original laws, this is the first form of cricket that was played at an international level.

From the early days of the 1870s, test cricket evolved from allowing two teams to participate to go beyond and include other nations in the gameplay. In the modern day cricket, it has tough competition but the key difference between this form and the limited overs match, is the duration of the match.

  • One Day Internationals (ODIs)

Cricket is a widely popular sport and it was also known as a limited overs cricket match in the initial years of the match. We entail the details about the movements of each participating team for the 50 overs format game with live scores on the pitch. Along with the runs scored, we also bring up the jaw-dropping moments of cricket with the best performances shown by the players against their opponents.

Generally, ODI is played on both domestic and international levels. With us, you get ins and outs of the match that keeps you on top with deep knowledge about your favorite league matches and the players.

  • T20 International Cricket

T20 is a short form of cricket and the players and the enthusiasts enjoy it to the fullest and make every possible effort to beat the opposing teams on the crease. T20 was the core contributor to the commercialization of cricket. As the name says, the match is played in T20 format.

At Shanker Sports News, you get all the insights of the T20 cricket match with the major highlights of the matches. We serve you 24*7 with the trending cricket updates.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL is a popular cash-rich domestic T20 league that has gained a massive popularity in the past decade. The participating teams came from different nations that made the match more exciting and fun.

An IPL match was established in 2008 which was played in a round-robin format that has been instrumental to push this sport in national cricket. The tournament has provided a great platform to let the young talent thrive in, with their immense talent.

If you are a core cricket fan, we get you covered with the latest cricket updates about the IPL matches. Shanker Sports News offers you the best cricket news about the IPL and other matches along with the participating teams.

Global Cricket News that Features Cricket Updates

In recent times, cricket has contributed to lift fuel its craze among the fans. Long ago, cricket went beyond its boundaries and marked its footprints on different parts of the world. It Enjoys huge popularity among the fans of different countries, so it's no longer a domestic sport.

Let’s understand how cricket came into the picture.

If you are a cricket fan, we assure you that you can stay on the edge with all the insights of the matches. Thus, we provide you with the exciting news of world cricket with the exciting highlights of the matches and minute details of the matches, including the toss details, top run-scorer and the wicket-taker.

You can know about all the information mentioned above about world cricket matches. We, at Shanker Sports News, strive to provide exclusive cricket updates that keeps you updated with the current happenings in the cricket world.

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When cricket was played for the first time in South-East England in the 16th century, it was more accurate to say ‘bat-and-ball’ sport. Over time, the sport has changed and evolved into a gentleman’s game. It was a game which was once claimed as a pastime for the kids has advanced to become more technical and it now can be considered just a bat and ball game. The sport commenced as a low-key activity that attracted a few to participate in. Today, it draws the attention of big sponsors to fund the game as it started gaining popularity in recent years. Since then, cricket has bridged the gap between the participating teams as it now allows the players from varying nations.

For the upliftment of the sport, technology is another major factor that penetrated into cricket and allowed this industry to grow at a large scale. Cricket industry has turned to smart systems to gauge accurate run rate, scores, techniques implemented, shot lengths, and wicket hits that have impacted the judgment on the pitch.

Decision Review System (DRS) was introduced as a technological implementation in 2008 to review the cricket matches. Along with the players, coaches, and commentators in the match, technology hugely contributes to the match with its smooth incorporation.

Technology has impacted everything from cricket instruction to game viewing, from organizing competitions to building databases of cricketers worldwide.

The technology focus is shifting from broadcasting to implementing changes in gameplay and decision-making. In Cricket, technology has made it easier for coaches to get the most out of their teams and individuals. This helped players and viewers advance as ultimate winners and experience sports at a greater level.

More than 1 billion cricket fans throughout the world have been affected by technology, which has played a remarkable role in establishing the sport's legitimacy outside of English back alleys.

The 20th century belonged to broadcasting or commentary advancement, while the 21st century belonged to coaching approaches and analytical breakthroughs if we were to divide technical change into two sectors.

Cricket was mainly broadcast to viewers between the 1930s and the 1980s, thanks to technology. Back then, radio commentary predominated because television was a luxury. However, soon cricket matches were shown live on television, and viewers had their commentary rooms.

Cricket has spread over the world thanks in large part to technology. Effective media connecting the world allows you to share the most recent information and interesting news quickly.

This completely altered the way cricket news is presented and disseminated. Shanker Sports News aims to provide thrilling cricket news while preserving the spirit of the game.

Latest Cricket Breaking News Regarding Various ICC Tournaments

The International Cricket Council, also known as ICC, is the primary organization responsible for the global governance of Cricket. Under the auspices of the ICC, several important decisions about team matches, umpire distribution, and tournament rules are made.

During the thrilling and mind-blowing ICC championships, all cricket fans frequently experience heart palpitations. The match is unpredictable due to the close score competition and the experienced players on the field.

Do you worry that you won't get the newest match updates? Does your passion for Cricket keep you on the verge of breaking news?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, we got you covered. We at Shanker Sport News help you remain on top of all the hottest cricket news from around the world with our quick and dedicated news delivery. You may now stay informed about cricket effortlessly and obtain the much-anticipated breaking news.

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There are numerous platforms where one can quickly explore and learn about various breaking cricket news. However, not all sources can be trusted or offer the high quality needed when learning about the important game of cricket.

Whether a game, series, world cup, or even the Asia Cup is happening, we specialists at Shanker Sports News are here to assist you greatly with the most up-to-date cricket news without fail.

The comprehensive ICC competitions are just one of the many types of cricket news that Shanker Sport News gives you. These are frequently the most important games played at the international level, giving you a better idea of how strong the teams are.

Shanker Sports News will help you understand the following:

  • Participating Teams

The ICC is crucial in the teams' organization and determining the participating teams. Most cricket fans eagerly anticipate this to learn which competitions are upcoming.

  • Regulations Updates

Who would want to miss the important updates provided by ICC for its rules and guidelines?

You can better comprehend the direction of cricket matches by following all the directions and announcements that the ICC publishes. These are also the guiding principles for all significant cricket-related decisions. As a result, Shanker Sports News ensures you receive all the most recent breaking cricket news without any miss.

  • Tournament Schedules

Knowing the specific tournament schedule can help you plan your calendar so you don't miss the opportunity to meet up with friends for the ideal cricket night while supporting your favorite teams.

Shanker Sports News gives exciting cricket breaking news and informs you of every aspect of the upcoming competition. Additionally, you can arrange a vacation to a specific nation to attend the game in person!

  • Match Locations

The ICC is in charge of selecting the nation where a specific tournament is anticipated. Our committed teams work hard to provide accurate information regarding match locations for highly-discussed cricket tournaments.

To top it all off, we also discuss which tactics were successful in a game and what the experts thought of them. This provides you with a complete picture of the cricket industry.

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Most often, numerous platforms claim to provide up-to-date news updates, but only a few provide them. Shaker Sports News ensures you receive the most up-to-date, reliable, and interesting cricket news possible.

Whether a cricket player announces his retirement or the batsman scores another century, we ensure you are immediately informed of these events.

To find out when and where your favorite team will be playing, it's important to stay up to date on the latest and most crucial cricket news. All our news articles come from reputable sources and are factually accurate and logically sound. We guarantee that you will hear some fantastic news soon!

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Getting the most recent and fresh cricket news is not easy today, and only a few web sources can indeed back up their claims that they offer the most thrilling cricket match news. One such source to start your daily dose of the most recent cricket news today is Shanker Sports News!

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The absence of four big telecasters at "mock sell-offs" organized by the ICC on Wednesday demonstrated the severe concerns that media organizations in India still have seven days before the bid accommodation date for the ICC's transmission licenses in its largest market.

Disney Star*Zee, Sony, and Viacom, the companies that recently participated in the fiercely competitive online auction for the IPL rights, skipped the educational sessions the ICC had scheduled before the actual acceptance of the bids for the upcoming pattern of ICC events. The meetings will be anticipated to familiarize bidders with the process by which offers will be submitted.

The ICC anticipates that the remaining bidders will give opportunities in the next two to three days as many have already completed their meetings or aim to do so on Thursday.

The individuals who have skipped meetings have expressed concerns to the ICC over the simplicity of the procedure involved in giving these privileges for ICC events from 2023 to 2031. Studies have found that each of the four telecasters feels uncomfortable because the offers won't be disclosed or distributed among those taking part simultaneously.

The ICC has also garnered attention for cricket and made a mark on the story. The telecasters are expected to be concerned about the obscurity of what would be considered as close in this instance. The ICC has reserved the right to direct an e-sell-off in case the top offers are closed or do not live up to the ICC's standards. According to them, it makes sense to aspire to comprehend what point of differentiation would trigger the second round of bids.

Until long ago, the ICC had precluded an e-closeout, their central business official Anurag Dahiya contending that how they were unbundling their privileges - for people's occasions independently, for computerized and TV, and across four-and eight-year bundles - implied it would be as well "confounded" for an e-sale of the sort the BCCI held for the IPL.

In any case, ESPNcricinfo figures out that on the off chance that the second round of offering is required, that will happen as an e-closeout. Telecasters are likewise looking for more excellent clearness from the ICC concerning how offers for a four-year bundle and an eight-year one will be decided against one another.

The ICC is believed to have a computation set up and a multiplier factor that produces the best benchmark value for them to have the choice to consider offers across various lengths and stages. Even yet, that component isn't accessible to the public.

By August 22, when the specialist components will be surveyed, the offers are supposed to be made. To make sure everyone complies with ICC requirements, a suitable amount of expenditure will be made.

The bid's financial component will be maintained with a free body and not made public until August 26. On the off chance that the offer is significant and close enough, additional rounds would be necessary. It is acknowledged that the ICC does not require a public opening.

The ICC continues to manage explanations with the bidders, but it is unlikely that any aspect of the offering system would alter. Since bidders have suggested different cycles, changing it now could be favoring one bidder over another, a situation the ICC needs to avoid.

The governing body of the game issued its most notable Invitation to Tender (ITT) in June for its freedoms, for TV only, advanced, and for both; ladies' event privileges have been separated from men's events, and bundles are available for four and eight years.

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