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Concept of an Impact Player in IPL

Cricket enthusiasts eagerly await IPL 2023 as it will be more entertaining. The Board of Council for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced changes in the rules and format for the upcoming IPL. If you are a cricket fan, you may wish to know the changes so that you can keep updated. 

Due to COVID-19, there was a great impact on almost every industry including sports. In 2020, the IPL season took place in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). Whereas, the 2021-22 IPL season was held in India but only a few selected areas. However, in 2023, the IPL will take place in “Home and Away format”. Under this format, the IPL teams will be playing on their respective grounds all over India. The major rule that will be incorporated in IPL is Impact Player Rule. It is crucial to know and understand this if you wish to enjoy the season. You may continue reading the article to know about it in depth. 

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What is an Impact Player Rule? 

At the time of coin tossing, cricket captains list four substitutes as Impact Players. During the match, an Impact Player can take over the field to either bat or bowl. An Indian can be an Impact Player if there are fewer than four overseas substitutes. If a team uses an international player as an Impact Player, no fifth overseas player can take over the field in any circumstance. 

How Does the Impact Player Rule Works?

There are different terms and conditions of an Impact Player Rule. If you wish to know this in detail, you may have a glance below;

  • Out of 4 substitutes chosen by the captain, only one player can be an Impact Player
  • Only a captain can choose the Impact Player
  • It is not compulsory for the team to use the Impact Player. It is the decision of the team whether to use it or not
  • Both the teams playing a match can use Impact Players
  • The Impact Player can neither be a captain nor a bowler
  • A team can use an Impact Player only before the 14th over of the innings
  • An Impact Player can be brought to the field under some conditions. The captain can bring the player before the beginning of an inning, the end of an over, the fall of a wicket, or the retirement of a batsman
  • The player who replaces the Impact Player cannot play in the remaining inning either as a batter, bowler, or fielder. However, the retired player is allowed in the fields to play if he is required
  • If a cricketer is injured, he can be replaced by the Impact Player but cannot take part in the remaining match even in the mid-over fields
  • If there is a situation wherein an Impact Player gets injured, he can be replaced with the other substitute player. In this case, it is important that the umpire is satisfied with the situation. The substitute player can neither be the captain nor the bowler
  • The Impact Player can come onto the field immediately. He can finish the maximum over quotes, i.e. four in an uninterrupted match. He is not allowed to bowl any remaining ball of that over. Also, an Impact Player cannot bowl two overs consecutively
  • As per the conditions and rules declared by the BCCI, there is a penalty time for the teams who use Impact Players

Bottom Line!

The 2023 IPL season will be the season that will incorporate an Impact Player rule. Cricket fans must know all the rules and changes so that they can understand the match and have more fun while watching the IPL. 

The Impact Player rule is one of many rules that is changed. To know more, you can follow CBTF News. You can get the latest cricket news, and stay tuned. You can see the live scores of your favorite players or teams, and much more. Never miss an update and enjoy this IPL season. 

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