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 Because of its universal appeal, many individuals perceive cricket as more than a sport. Every time there is a cricket match, cricket lovers and fanatics put everything else on hold and focus exclusively on their display. Cricket’s popularity is not just limited to watching television. Many kids and people carry Gully cricket on the streets to show off their excitement and zeal for the sport. It would not be incorrect to suggest that cricket unites the community. There are various explanations for why Indians are such passionate cricket fans. There are many reasons why cricket is one of the most widely accepted and popular sports, not only in India but throughout the world, with a surreal amount of fan following. Some of the reasons can be its simplicity, good infrastructure etc. 

A cricket match or game is always happening someplace in the world because the game is so widely played. Examples are men’s and women’s matches in cricket, the IPL, T20s, and other events. We do mean huge when we say it! This sport is quite closely followed by people all around the world. Everyone might only sometimes be able to make it to the stadium to witness every cricket match in person, however. Despite how important this game is to fans, particularly Indians, not everyone has the time to watch the television constantly to keep up with the IPL news today, live scores and stay updated on every T20 world cup score update and information about the sport. 

However, in today’s generation, where everyone has a smartphone and access to the internet, getting the latest updates like the IPL news today live score with just a touch on the phone is nothing impossible or unachievable. Cricket is a very active and dynamic sport, and there is always something or the other happening in the world of cricket. It can be overwhelming to keep up with that. So here, let us help you with some of the latest cricket updates. 

Latest News On Cricket 

  1. Byju Wants To Terminate Its Endorsement Deal With BCCI for Jersey.

 Byju’s and MPL Sports, two of the Indian cricket team’s prominent supporters and pioneers in the education technology industry, desire to terminate their endorsement deals with the BCCI. Byju’s prolonged its jersey endorsement deal with the Board in June at approximately 35 million USD until November 2023. Presently, Byju intends to end its agreement with the BCCI, which has demanded that something last at minimum until March 2023. Recently, the matter was discussed during the BCCI Apex Council meeting. In 2019, the business took Oppo’s spot. Additionally, Byju funded the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup as one of its advertisers.

  •  Sachin Tendulkar’s Big Disclosure About Dhoni

One of the most vital captains in the sport’s history, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is internationally known. MS Dhoni, who commanded the nation and the team from 2007 to 2017, is the only individual to have won an ICC award in every type of game. When the BCCI asked Sachin Tendulkar to take over as the captain replacing Rahul Dravid, the former proposed Dhoni. Tendulkar explained why he encouraged the BCCI to select relatively young MS Dhoni as the team’s leader; the player was 26 when he was appointed the leader of the Indian team at an event. When asked whom he would recommend, Sachin said they had a much younger and new player in the group, and he asked them to observe that player closely, who was Dhoni. He said that every time he has a conversation with Dhoni on the field and is asked a question related to the game, Dhoni always gives a calm, mature and very reasonable answer. Sachin Tendulkar also mentioned that being a good captain and a leader is all about thinking of the future and making decisions. He added that Dhoni was capable of all that. 

  •  No Choice Has Been Made To Quit The World Cup in India, Assures Ramiz Raja

The following BBL news today is that Pakistan Cricket Board has notified ICC authorities that it threatens to boycott the ODI World Cup to pressure India to send a team to the Asia Cup. A new update on Pakistan’s attitude about a blockade of the ODI Cup, which will be hosted in India next year, has emerged as the negotiations slow down. In contrast, both India and Pakistan are completing their individual series. To pressure India to deploy a squad for the ODI World Cup, the Pakistan Cricket Board has warned ICC officials that it has threatened to withdraw from the tournament. It went on to say that PCB president Ramiz Raja informed the executives that no decision had been reached on Pakistan’s World Cup withdrawal. During the home Test against England, which the visitors lost 0-3, a few ICC executives, including CEO Geoff Allardice, had traveled to Pakistan. The PCB chairman informed the officials that the organization is still determined to sponsor the 2025 Champions Trophy irrespective of whether India sends participants. Ramiz made it abundantly apparent that Pakistan still wouldn’t agree to the championship being moved because of India. That nation has already begun making massive investments in constructing or investing in infrastructure for the ICC championship.  

  1.  Jaydev Unadkat Breaks A Big Record After His 12-Year Comeback.

When Jaydev Unadkat rejoined the Indian Test team after a 12-year sabbatical, he completed an impressive performance that will go into the history books. Veteran pacer Jaydev Unadkat of Team India was finally allowed to resume the Test XI during the test Series of series against Bangladesh. Unadkat’s last Test series for India was in 2010 against South Africa in Centurion, where he made his Test debut. The pacer completed the game without trying to pick up a wicket, and he didn’t play again until December 2022. Unadkat set a new record for the longest gap between performances in a Test match for India when he rejoined the Indian Test team after a 12-year absence. Before returning to the team, Unadkat skipped 118 Tests for the national team, breaking Dinesh Karthik’s milestone of 87. Unadkat’s winning percentage is second to England’s Gareth Batty, who missed 142 Tests.

 Wrapping Up 

So, these were some of the latest news, updates and cricket world cup news




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