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T20 World Cup Live Cricket Score and News

T20 World Cup Live Cricket Score and News

Every crazy cricket fan knows about the T20 World Cup. For those who don’t know, the T20 World Cup is an international championship organized by cricket’s governing body, the International Cricket Council. The tournament consists of 16 teams. This format was founded in 2007, after seeing the unlimited love cricket was getting.

This tournament takes place every 2 years. The 2020 edition of this tournament was supposed to take place in Australia but due to the covid-19 pandemic, the tournament was postponed to 2021. 

This year, the eighth tournament of the ICC Men’s T0 World Cup took place. It was hosted by Australia from 16th October to 13th November 2022. 

Some interesting facts about T20 World Cup –

  1. The most runs in the T20 international have been made by Virat Kohli which is 1141 runs. This year also, he has the highest score in the t20 international which is 296 runs.
  2. Most wickets in the T20 World Cup have been taken by Shakib Al Hasan.
  3. In the 2022’s edition, the maximum number of wickets were taken by Wanindu Hasaranga.
  4. The player of the series 2022 was England’s, Sam Curran.

Now let’s jump to some of the interesting match reports. Firstly, let’s talk about the semi-finals that took place between India and England.

We all know how this game turned out as our hearts sank after seeing the match. After the horrid rain-soaked night, England promised themselves they would never play the same way again. Their defeat to Ireland made them second guess their capabilities and so in this game England batted and bowled with utmost clarity and confidence.

They left no stone unturned and were able to gain a spot in the semi-finals and then finals after their sweet victory against India.

How do they win against India, you ask? The selection of Hales was one good thing the England team did. He came with solid experience in Australian conditions. England was in dire need of this type of experience. Buttler made the call.

A player, who was known as a disruptive force within the England team, was given a second chance. And he paid this faith with an innings that destroyed the superpower in the world of cricket.

Hales earned all of India’s sixes by himself, in fact, one greater, reducing the Indian bowlers to nothing but rubbles. 

However, it was noticed that India was somewhat responsible for their undoing as a batted bowling attack which allowed them to score a mere 64 runs off 46 balls. England, however, gave their batters all the room they needed to access and hit the short boundary.

Hales and Buttler’s joint partnership made 98 runs off 54 balls square of the wicket in their first 15 overs.

In the earlier T20I cricket matches, Buttler had fallen prey to Bhuvneshwar’s ball at least 5 times. But this time he was prepared and the first ball he hit was a swing.

These were the kind of moves Buttler was doing and playing with all night as he finished off with 80 runs on 49 balls. England had won this game in the backroom only. They had a 360-degree player and they were at least defending one side, the one in front of the batter. 

Buttler helped Rashid in pulling off this heist and this was after the leg spinner had been punished for a boundary first ball. Rashid could have easily protected himself but he picked the important wicket for England which was also his second of the World Cup.

Indians usually, in this type of situation, turn to Suryakumar but with him gone for 14 runs off 10 balls, the game became nail-biting and interesting.

It is not like England was winning from the start of the match. There was a time when India could have gone to the finals and this was when Hardik Pandya had decided that enough was enough. He had 13 runs from 15 balls at the beginning of the 17th over. India had 110 runs with 3 wickets down but they had to find a way to bring England down. 

Rohit Sharma hit the shot of the night which was a one-bounce four but after three balls, he fell. Suryakumar lost after he hit a six and a four against Ben Stokes. 

All of this made Virat Kohli go into anchor mode which meant the guy playing with him had to go long and Hardik Pandya did. He brought out the famous helicopter shot against Jordan and escorted a wide yorker for four past short third off Sam Curran. He batted short balls all around the park.

India was able to bag 58 runs in the last four overs and fifty of them came off Hardik Pandya’s bat. His sequence in the 18th over was: 6, 6, dot, 1, 1, 4, 6, 4, 1, 6, 4, and out. Five of the attempted balls were yorkers and many of them were close to the perfect spot. 

Hardik was so deep in his crease and brought so much of his wrists into his stroke play that they even became boundary-scoring opportunities.

Looking back, without Hardik it would have been difficult to score even 140 runs but India managed to bag 168 runs. 

There is no doubt that India could have performed a lot better if they did not have a laid-back attitude in the first ten overs. They had 62 runs in the first 10 overs with 2 wickets already down and seven balls touching boundaries. They must have known better as they were competing against a team full of power hitters.

Wrapping Up

England invented the game and even hosted the first three World Cups. Cricket is a sport that people deeply admire and are connected to. As long as the game is going on, there is competitiveness but once it is over people have a great deal of love and respect for players of other teams. Cricket is a sport that has united the world. For today cricket update news, keep following Shanker Sports News.

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