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The Top & Best All-Rounders in the Recent Cricket World

Cricket is a famous worldwide sport, and millions of people follow it. This sport has multiple formats of playing. During the match, all-rounders play a crucial role in the result stats. They can extract their performance in both batting and bowling, and they are an absolute asset for any side. 

In the history of international cricket, there are a number of players who have worldwide recognition as the best all-rounders. They compete with excellent batting and bowling, which makes their team proud. Moreover, there are two types of all-rounders, batting all-rounders and bowling all-rounders. At first, the player is skilled with excellent batting skills and also can bowl nicely. In the second one, the player is a great bowler who can bat nicely. 

Some of the players are treasured as the world cricket’s best all-rounders who can perform their part as batsmen and bowlers in all three formats, including ODI and test & T20. Here is the list of the players who made their name in the history of world cricket.

Glen Maxwell  

Glen Maxwell is the star player of the international team Australia, where he is currently a part of the ODI cricket format. He is one of the most successful All-rounders on the team, with his incredible strike rate of around 150 in both ODI and T20. 

Maxwell started his career with IPL, his debut match was against India franchise Kolkata Knight riders. Moreover, he has unexceptional batting techniques that can surprise the bowlers with good bowling tricks that make him a handy spin that attacks opposite batters in the middle overs. 

He made trending cricket news after he scored 3482 runs in the ODI platform and 2159 in T20 cricket. All consistency and dedication prove that he is a worthy player. 

Ravindra Jadeja  

When Jadeja started his career, few believed that he would reach the heights that make him one of the best all-rounders. Ravindra Jadeja is a star player of the national team India, where his techniques of left-arm bowling make it difficult for the batsman to perform. 

He became the spinner who took 242 wickets in his test cricket career with 2523 runs and 189 wickets in the ODI platform with 2447 runs. Moreover, in the Indian franchise IPL, he plays for Chennai Super kings. His performance is remarkable and incredible. He took 132 wickets and scored 2502 runs in his career. 

Jadeja started his career in the Indian premier league, where his first debut match was against the delhi capital on 19 April 2008. He started his career as an all-rounder but has good bowling ability. After a few years, he made his  excellent form in batting. 

Rashid Khan

Rashid khan is one of the most successful young players in Afghanistan. He started as the spin bowler in the short formats, including ODI and t20. After a year, his batting skills increased and made him a good all-rounder. 

According to top cricket news, Rashid scored 1134 runs in ODI cricket and 328 runs in T20 format. He took 163 wickets in ODI and 122 in T20. Recently, he rescued several matches of his team, Gujrat Titans, with his bowling and lower-down batting. He is only 24 years old and made his team proud with his dedication and performance. 

Ben Stokes 

Ben Stokes is one of the famous worldwide players of the international team England who made exemplary achievements in a test cricket format. He ranked fifth in ICC ODI and test all-rounder cricket. His finger injuries made him difficult to reach, but he still managed to make his name. 

He scored 5602 runs in test format and 2924 in the ODI format and took 193 wickets in the test. Ben started his career with the ODI platform, where his debut match was against Ireland on 25 august 2011. 

As per the cricket news update, he also holds the record of third most expensive player in the Indian premier league 2023, where the Indian franchise Chennai Super Kings has bought him for 16.25 crores. 

Wrapping Up  

So, this is the list of top all-rounders who made their name in the history of international cricket. Cricket is a world-famous sport where hundreds of records have been created and broken. For the latest news about cricket, visit the Shanker Sports News website 

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