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Top 5 Fastest Century In ODI

Nothing in cricket is more special for a batsman than scoring a large number of runs and contributing to the success of your country. The player receives a victory dance if they surpass the three-figure mark, which counts as both a personal victory and a point toward their nation’s total. The scoring rates have multiplied with the introduction of T20 cricket and advancements in diet and training, and players are now scoring centuries in absurdly fewer balls than in earlier generations. We’ll examine the cricket news of the top ten ODI cricket centuries in this article. 

  1. AB de Villiers – South Africa vs West Indies (31 balls)    

This outstanding South African batsman tops the list of fastest ODI centuries in the top ten. He helped the Proteas to a total of 439/2 in the second ODI in Johannesburg against the West Indies by scoring the century in just 31 deliveries. Later, the squad scored 148 runs to win the game. The sixteen sixes and nine fours in AB de Villiers’ innings were more than enough to silence the West Indians. He scored 149 runs with a staggering strike rate of 338.63 off just 44 balls. In the 39th over, AB de Villiers entered the batting order with South Africa trailing 247 to one. With only roughly 11 overs remaining, nobody is predicted to score even a half-century, let alone a century. Because of how cruel this inning was, De Villiers not only struck a century but also came close to reaching 150.

Nobody anticipated South Africa to reach 400 runs with just over eight overs remaining when they crossed the 300 mark in the 42nd over. However, De Villiers’ harsh but strategic innings allowed SA to reach 439 and destroy all of the Windies’ prospects of winning.

  1. Corey Anderson – New Zealand vs West Indies (36 balls)

On January 1st, 2014, Corey Anderson of New Zealand scored the second-fastest ODI century against the West Indies. He ranks second among ODI players for the fastest century. He hit 100 runs in 36 balls by slamming Windy’s bowlers around the field.

New Zealand ultimately won the game by 159 runs. With 131 runs off 47 balls and a strike rate of 278.72, Anderson did not get out in the inning. He scored 14 sixes and six fours. Only 21 overs were given for each side in the shortened encounter. Anderson entered the batting order at number five with only 84 runs scored for New Zealand. He stayed till the very end, assisting New Zealand in scoring 283. If there had been an entire ODI contest, one can only speculate how many runs Anderson would have scored.

  1. Shahid Afridi – Pakistan vs Sri Lanka (37 balls)       

In 1996, Shahid “Boom Boom” Afridi made his international cricket debut by scoring the fastest ODI century ever in just 37 balls. It was his second One Day International, and even though he later had great success with Pakistan, this accomplishment deserves to go down in history. He had a bizarre batting performance, and Sri Lanka was the victim. Six fours and 11 sixes, which were uncommon at the time, were hammered by Afridi. His all-around effort enabled Pakistan to defeat the opposition by 82 runs. Afridi’s unique inning was significantly ahead of its time. Because of how challenging this inning was, Anderson didn’t beat the mark until almost 18 years. One may argue that Afridi’s particular innings laid the stage for contemporary batting.

  1. Mark Boucher – South Africa vs Zimbabwe (44 balls)      

The wicket-keeper batter Mark Boucher, one of the important figures in South Africa’s golden generation, quickly reached 100 runs in just 44 balls. He entered the game after the openers had set the stage for a spectacular conclusion, and his innings of 8 fours and ten sixes delivered just that. Boucher reached his century in just 44 deliveries, but he ultimately scored 147 runs in just 68. South Africa scored a staggering 418 runs. Zimbabwe lost the match by 171 runs despite having to chase this enormous total. The last player one would expect to see on this list of the top 10 fastest ODI centuries is Boucher. He was such a versatile hitter and team player that he took advantage of the top order’s setting and smashed a quick-fire century to assist South Africa in posting a 400+ score for the second time in 2006 by using the platform created by the top order.

  1. Jos Butler – England vs Pakistan (46 balls)    

Jos Buttler took the bat when England needed some steadiness in the middle order following early top-order wickets. In addition to giving the team stability, he also defeated Pakistan by delivering one of the quickest ODI centuries in 2015 at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in just 46 balls. The English batsman scored at a SR of 223.08 and hit eight sixes and ten fours, contributing to the team scoring 355 runs in 50 overs. Jason Roy, another English centurion in the same game, only managed a strike rate of 87 instead of Buttler’s 200+ strike rate. In the 41st over, Pakistan was all out for just 271 runs. Buttler’s outstanding effort helped England win the game by 83 runs. He received the man of the match and the series awards for his outstanding performance.


Every batter who entered the pitch dreamt of scoring a century to make their nation proud. However, some players achieved such massive runs in just a few balls. Once a player scores a century in any first, it becomes a trending cricket news.

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