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Top Bowlers of Australia That Are All Time Favorite of Cricket Fans

Cricket is a worldwide popular sport, where multiple teams come together to participate in leagues and tournaments that decide the world champions. It can be played in different formats, including Test, ODI, or t20. All are interesting and entertaining for the audience. 

Players become famous and rich from these leagues, which makes them talented and skilled. Many records have been made in the history of cricket, where multiple players are known for it. Among all the international teams, Australia is one of the best and power teams, where the players are very skilled and talented. Moreover, some bowlers have made names for themselves in the journey of their cricket. Let’s discuss the player names.

Best Bowler in Australia  

Glenn Mcgrath  

Glenn Mcgrath is one of the fastest and most successful bowlers of the international team in Australia. He is the most effective bowler, which puts him first on the list. He made trending cricket news by His wrist position and techniques made him so successful, where the ball consisted of seaming and made the batsman challenging to perform or bat on. 

His 14 years of career began with his first test debut, played against New Zealand on 12 November 1993. As per top cricket news, he has played 124 test format matches and till now, he has taken 563 wickets. Moreover, his total wicket in ODI cricket is 381, where he played 250 matches in his ODI career. 

Dennis Lillee   

Dennis Lillee is one of the furies and blended speed players whose bowling makes the team Australia proud. He was a very remarkable player. His bowling speed and bounce were very effective. He started his career with his debut against England in 1971 and mastered the Ashes series. His career was between 1971 to 1979, during which he played 70 test cricket and 62 ODI formats. He took 355 wickets in his career of tests. 

Mitchell Starc 

Mitchell Starc is the star player of the team, who has taken 304 wickets till now in the test cricket format. He comes third on the list, where he is a fast and swing bowler. He has the ability to give conventional and reversal swings that make it difficult for the batter to hit. 

Mitchell started his career in 2010 with his ODI debut match against India. His performance and skills brought him to success and fame and made him an unpredictable bowler. 

Brette Lee  

Brette Lee is one the quickest and fastest bowlers in the history of the Australia team, who threw the ball fastest to 90 MPH speed. He was the best foil for Glenn Mcgrath’s seam run, where he made his team proud with consistency and dedication.

He started his cricket career in the test format with his debut match against India on 26 December 1999, he took five wickets in the first innings, and till the end, he scored seven wickets.

In his career, he took 310 wickets in tests and 380 in the ODI platform, which makes him one of the most famous bowlers globally. Moreover, Brette Lee has made numerous records and achievements in his career that makes him a professional bowler. 

Shaun Tait  

Shaun Tait is a very prominent and debatable player. When he started his career with a debut test match against England on 25 august 2005, his explosive pace made him a successful and formidable bowler. 

He holds the record for the fastest ball delivery, where he reached 161.1 km speed against England batsman Craig Kieswetter. 

Pat Cummins  

Pat Cummins is the fastest bowler and captain of the international team Australia, who made his team proud so many times. According to sports news cricket, he started his career with his debut T20 match against South Africa, where his early days were plagued by injuries that made him so late to come back. 

In 2017, he came back with his skill and performance in playing XI and has remained till now. Pat Cummins took 210 wickets in his test format career. 

Wrapping Up 

So, cricket is a sport where thousands of records are made and broken, and players have made their team proud with good playing techniques and skills. So through this, you get information about Australian bowlers who made themselves the best bowlers. For more information about top cricket news today, visit Shanker Sports News websites.

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