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Why India Lost The T20 World Cup 2022

Why India Lost The T20 World Cup 2022

There are many ups and downs in each cricket game. Our favorite team occasionally succeeds, but not always. There are several reasons why a team might lose a game. No game can be evaluated broadly. India international cricket team is renowned for its incredible players and performances, but it doesn’t mean they have never experienced adversity. 

India international cricket team failed to advance and was eliminated from the most recent T20 World Cup in 2022. Everyone, especially the Indian fans, was dissatisfied. While everyone attempted to analyze the source of the result, their analyses were flawed. India International Cricket Board is one of the best teams that frequently gives 100%, but during the T20 World Cup, something was lacking that no one could identify. 

For every fan, the India International Cricket Team’s participation and every moment in the T20 World Cup would be memorable, but now we’ll talk about the potential reasons why India lost the T20 World Cup in 2022.

Reasons Of Why India Lost T20 World Cup 2022

The country truly has a wealth of talent that can field at least 3 competent performances 11 for any competition. But since 2013, the nation has not taken home an ICC title. The following are the main causes of India’s failure in the T20 world cup:

  1. Indian Starting Player, Especially KL Rahul

The decision to keep KL Rahul on the squad despite his poor play must be blamed on the scouting department and leadership. Since recovering from an ailment, he has made a few runs versus Zimbabwe in the test series followed by 50+ runs over Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in the world championship. 

He has not yet produced quality runs against powerful opposition like Australia, England, South Africa, or New Zealand. When it meant the most, he regularly struggled in major competitions against the best clubs. KL Rahul opened the bulk of the World Cup contests with a lot of dropped catches before being ejected during the man advantage to place pressure on the batting lineup. 

He begins the opening over of games involving Pakistan, South Africa, or England as if it were a test series, resulting in a 19-over game as opposed to a 20-over one for the squad. The team captain and administration must cease giving people a pass based on their reputation or purported talent if they want to win major tournaments and must start benching underperforming individuals.

  1. Powerplay Could Be Among The Reasons

Rohit Sharma stated during an interview before the Asia Cup began that he expects the squad to play aggressively and begin hitting right away. He said they wanted to take advantage of the Powerplay overs and get going. All of that may sound appealing to the ear, but in actuality, India was nothing in this tactic. 

India scored about 6 or 7 runs per man advantage in all of their World Cup games, which is the third-lowest among all of the participating countries. Third worst! That was also the case when the captain discussed playing energetically. Third worst! That was also the case when the captain discussed playing forcefully. 

India and Pakistan were defeated by England in both the quarter-final and championship matches, but only during the Powerplay overs. The pursuit for the remaining batsmen to come will be a little bit simpler and gives them more conviction as you go close to 50+ in 6 overs. The limited-overs batsman is currently under pressure from the Indian starters.

  1. Putting Excessive Reliance On One Player

The Indian team’s over-reliance on Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav in the batting department also worked against them. Regardless of Dinesh Karthik or Rishabh Pant, India’s goalkeeper batter did not have a successful campaign in a single game. Axar Patel, an all-arounder, also performed poorly in the swing in the spotlight competition. The bottom order was affected by the unavailability of Ravindra Jadeja.

  1. Hesitation When Playing Wrist Spinners

India participated in a total of six T20 World Cup matches, including one quarterfinal and five Super 12 matches. Yuzvendra Chahal, the only wrist spin bowler on the 15-man squad, sat out all three of these contests. The remainder of the work makes use of both Axar Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin. Wrist pitchers have a reputation for being good options for getting wickets in T20 cricket.

  1. The Crew Lacked Vigor And Determination

There was no hostility among many of the pace bowlers, and there was no desire on the field to reduce the number of singles or push hard to the rival. Look at the Pakistani quick spinners. how they fared in the grand finale. The Pakistani bowling gave it their all despite the score being 30 less than what India had in the semifinals. Rauf and Naseem played fantastic stints during which they displayed confidence, swung the ball, and the fielding team pitched in with outstanding fielding to put more pressure on the opponents.

  1. Dinesh Karthik Against Pant For Australia

Dinesh Karthik has made a fantastic recovery, amassed many runs in the IPL, performed some superb shots at the very end, and produced some incredible match-winning innings. Not to mention that it’s been, oh, I don’t know, however, many years since he last performed in Australia. In contrast to India or Dubai, Australian pitches are very different. While playing in Tests in Australia and England over the two years, Pant, in contrast, has produced some outstanding performances. 

On those surfaces, he performed like a T20 player during tests, but he was usually heating up during those matches. The captaincy ought to have started with Pant and replaced KL Rahul if he planned to stay with DK. India could have benefited from the Powerplay overs if this had happened. However, India did not take advantage of this chance even though the so-called “KL Rahul” is a very skilled player who has “proved” himself over weaker opponents.

Wrapping Up

Both winning and losing games are common occurrences in life, but some occasions are very memorable for both teams, and the most recent T20 World Cup 2022 was one of them. All of the Indian players in this championship played outstandingly, but something was lacking in terms of training or anything else we have talked about with you in this post. Hopefully, it will put all of the questions about this event to rest.

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