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Probably the best franchise league in the world is the Indian Premier League or IPL. The competition is on par with any international match because of the continued interest in the BCCI-managed event. Of course, the hefty contracts and presence of the top cricketers in the world make the IPL the most favored and best league globally. There have been 15 IPL seasons to date, and the last season was conducted in May 2022, and the winners were Gujarat Titans. You can learn intriguing IPL facts from Shanker Sports News, which might delight cricket enthusiasts.

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Indian Premier League (IPL)

The Indian Twenty20 (T20) cricket league was established in 2008. The league employs a round-robin group and knockout structure and has clubs from major Indian cities.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which founded the IPL, has developed into the world's most popular and richest cricket league. For at least some of the games to be played at night under floodlights for international television broadcasts, matches usually begin in the late afternoon or early evening.

Before the league's planned 2011 expansion to 10 clubs (divided into two groups of five), all games were played on a home-and-away basis. This system was changed, though, so that specific teams would only have one match. The top four clubs compete in three play-offs to boost potential television revenue, with one losing club earning a second chance to proceed to the championship match. The top four teams compete in a series of knockout matches during the tournament's play-off round, giving one club that lost its first-round game a second chance to advance to the title game.

With the launch of the IPL, the best cricket players in the world, who had rarely earned as much money as their counterparts in other professional sports, essentially overnight became millionaires. The owners of the IPL franchises, which included essential corporations, Bollywood movie stars, and media moguls, battled for the best players in auctions staged by the league. According to cricket news, the well-funded Mumbai Indians had the highest payroll at the start of the IPL, over $100 million. The Chennai Super Kings purchased Mahendra Dhoni's services for $1.5 million at the opening auction of the 2008 season. The Kolkata Knight Riders paid $2.4 million for the opening batsman for the Indian national team, Gautam Gambhir, at the 2011 season auction.

Eight franchises were established in the beginning:

  • The Mumbai Indians

  • Chennai Super Kings

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore

  • Deccan Chargers (located in Hyderabad)

  • Delhi Daredevils

  • Punjab XI Kings (Mohali)

  • Kolkata Knight Riders

  • Rajasthan Royals (Jaipur)

Due to violations of the BCCI's ownership regulation, two franchises, Rajasthan and Punjab, were banned from the league in late 2010; however, they were eventually reinstated in time for the 2011 competition. Two new clubs have joined the IPL for the 2011 season: Kochi Tuskers Kerala and Pune Warriors India. The Kochi club had only existed for one season before the BCCI terminated its contract. In the 2013 IPL, the Sunrisers Hyderabad team replaced the Deccan Chargers.

The Rajasthan Royals, aside from a smaller market, led by the great Australian bowler Shane Warne, won the first competition, which lasted 44 days in 2008. To partake in the success of the IPL, other cricketing nations rushed to establish their own domestic T20 competitions.

Indian Premier League Championship Results

Results of the IPL championship are mentioned in the table below.

Indian Premier League Championship
Year Results
2008 Rajasthan Royals 164-7 Chennai Super Kings 163-5 Rajasthan won by 3 wickets
2009 Deccan Chargers 143-6 Royal Challengers Bangalore 137-9 Deccan won by 6 runs
2010 Chennai Super Kings 168-5 Mumbai Indians 146-9 Chennai won by 22 runs
2011 Chennai Super Kings 205-5 Royal Challengers Bangalore 147-8 Chennai won by 58 runs
2012 Kolkata Knight Riders 192-5 Chennai Super Kings 190-3 Kolkata won by 5 tickets
2o13 Mumbai Indians 148-9 Chennai Super Kings 125-9 Mumbai on by 23 runs
2014 Kolkata Knight Riders 200-7 Kings XI Punjab 199-4 Kolkata won by 3 Wickets
2015 Mumbai Indians 202-5 Chennai Super Kings 161-8 Mumbai won by 41 runs
2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad 208-7 Royal Challengers Bangalore 200-7 Hyderabad won by 8 runs
2017 Mumbai Indians 129-8 Rising Pune Supergiant 128-6 Mumbai won by 1 run
2018 Chennai Super Kings 181-2 Sunrisers Hyderabad 178-6 Chennai won by 8 wickets
2019 Mumbai Indians 149-8 Chennai Super Kings 148-7 Mumbai won by 1 run
2020 Mumbai Indians 157-5 Delhi Capitals 156-7 Won by 5 wickets
2021 Chennai Super Kings 192-3 Kolkata Knight Riders 165-9 Won by 7 wickets
2022 Rajasthan Royals 130-9 Gujarat Titans 133-3 Won by 3 runs

Twenty20 Cricket

Twenty20 cricket, usually known as T20, is a condensed version of cricket that, when it was introduced in 2003 with new rules that placed greater emphasis on hitting and scoring, transformed the game and attracted a new audience.

Rules and History of Twenty20

The basic rules are the same as in the longer versions, but innings are limited to 20 overs per side, with a maximum of four overs for each bowler, and there are restrictions on the placement of fielders designed to encourage big hitting by the batsmen and high scores. An over consists of six balls delivered, or thrown, by a bowler to a batsman at the opposite wicket. T20 cricket swiftly became the most popular and lucrative format, particularly in India, where the Indian Premier League (IPL) attracts large live crowds and millions more viewers via television. In the 1990s, former Test batsman Martin Crowe invented a shortened version of cricket in New Zealand known as Cricket Max. However, the official T20 rules were established by the England and Wales Cricket Board, and the English county teams participated in the first competition in 2003.

Other countries quickly adopted the idea, and two years later Australia and New Zealand played in the first official international T20 match in Auckland. Both teams wore attire from the 1980s and had rather fake mustaches. But it quickly became apparent that T20 had the potential to attract a new, young, and energetic audience to cricket. India international cricket team won the 2007 T20 World Cup, which was staged for the first time in South Africa. This resulted in a great demand for T20 on the subcontinent, which the IPL immediately tapped into. The following events, which were held in various cricket-playing nations, saw The West Indies win the most World Cups (two). A Champions League competition between the top club teams—similar to that played in European football (soccer)—is held at the conclusion of each T20 season. Every significant cricketing nation has created its own domestic T20 competitions.

Cricket was said to have been revived in the twenty-first century by T20 thanks to its cheerleaders, loud music, and fast-paced entertainment. After some initial trepidation, players began to hone the new skills necessary for T20 while simultaneously improving their fielding, throwing, and conditioning. Thought to be the most difficult and pure form of the game, Test cricket was, however, regarded to be inevitably threatened by T20 by traditional cricket enthusiasts.

Twenty20 World Cup Results

T20 World Cup score is mentioned in the table below.

Twenty20 Cricket World Cup
Year Results
2007 India 157-5 Pakistan 152 India won by 5 runs
2009 Pakistan 139-2 Sri Lanka 138-6 Pakistan won by 8 wickets
2010 England 148-3 Australia 147-6 England won by 7 wickets
2012 West Indies 137-6 Sri Lanka 101 West Indies won by 36 runs
2014 Sri Lanka 134-4 India 130-4 Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets
2016 West Indies 161-6 England 155-9 West Indies won by 4 wickets
2021 New Zealand 172-4 Australia 173-2 Australia won by 8 wickets
2022 Pakistan 137-8 England 138-5 England won by 5 wickets

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There are several different formats in which the game of cricket is played, with the IPL and T20 being the most well-liked among cricket fans. Regardless of the type of cricket being played, the winning team is the one that scores the most runs over the entire innings.

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