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ICC T20 World Cup – All You Need to Know

In India, cricket is one of the sports that are most popular and watched. Cricket fans get crazy about the T20 World Cup because of its enthusiasm and excitement.

On October 16, 2022, the ICC World Cup is scheduled to get underway in Australia. Australia, the incumbent champions, is the favorite to win the championship again. The mega tournament will last one month, and the championship game will take place on November 13.

The top eight teams in the ICC T20 rankings advance to the Super 12 stage, while the other eight teams compete in a first-round match to advance to the Super 12.

ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Venue

The T20 World Cup 2022 will be held in 45 matches in 7 Australian locations, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on November 16, 2021. Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth are the seven cities mentioned. The MCG, Sydney Cricket Ground, Kardinia Park Stadium, The Gabba, Adelaide Oval, Bellerive Oval, and Perth Stadium are the seven sites listed in the ICC media release as hosting the T20 World Cup 2022 matches.

The ICC men T20 World Cup final will be held at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on November 13, 2022, with the semi-finals taking place at SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) and Adelaide Oval on November 9 and 10, respectively

Team List World Cup 2023

In all, 16 teams will compete in the ICC men T20 World Cup 2022. Eight teams have already advanced to the Super 12 round. The remaining eight teams must compete in qualification games. Out of the eight teams, four will advance to the Super 12 rounds.

Teams already participating in the Super 12 round are: The other 8 teams that will play qualifying matches first are:
India Sri Lanka
Australia Zimbabwe
New Zealand Netherlands
England Ireland
Pakistan Scotland
Bangladesh West Indies
South Africa Namibia
Afghanistan UAE

T20 World Cup 2023 Groups

Each of these 8 teams is distributed in 2 groups, A & B. The top 2 teams will qualify for the Super 12 round from these groups. These groups are:

Group 1 Group 2
Namibia Ireland
Netherlands Scotland
Sri Lanka West Indies
UAE Zimbabwe

Both the West Indies and Sri Lankan cricket teams have the advantage of having participated in important competitions. They should have little trouble cutting the Super 12 round.
The Super 12 teams are split into groups A and B as well. The teams are

Group 1 Group 2
Afghanistan India
Australia Pakistan
England South Africa
New Zealand Bangladesh
A1 B1
B2 A2

Given that Group A is strong, the Indian cricket team has the best chance of winning the group. Since all of the teams in Group A are highly strong, it will be more competitive than Group B.

The Indian team will benefit from playing in Australia. The Indian players are accustomed to the weather, field dimensions, and type of pitch.

T20 World Cup – History

Cricket was transformed with the International Cricket Council's adoption of a 20-over per inning format and the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007, a historic event in which India was crowned the first-ever tournament champion. Since then, there have been a total of six T20 World Cups, and the only nation to have won the event twice in the West Indies (in 2012 and 2016). The T20 format has transformed the game and provided opportunities for both rookies and seasoned players to showcase their grit in the game's quickest format.

The England Cricket Board (ECB) first proposed a 20-over-per-inning format in 2001, and it was approved. The first official Twenty20 matches between English counties took place in the Twenty20 World Cup in June 2003. Other cricketing boards followed the model fast and gradually, which caught the interest of viewers and contributed to its global acceptance. There was no turning back after Australia and New Zealand engaged in the first-ever T20 International match in 2005. Get the most recent T20 cricket world cup score with us.

List of Winners – T20 World Cup

The ICC T20 Cricket World Cup is a global event that is hosted by the International Cricket Council (ICC). In 2007, South Africa hosted the first event. Pakistan placed second in the inaugural ICC Men's T20 World Cup, with India taking the first position.

The ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021 has been won by Australia by an 8-wicket margin. At the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, it featured Australia and New Zealand. Australia won the toss and decided to field. To attain the 173 runs that New Zealand had set in 20 overs, Australia needed 18.5 overs.

Year Team Venue
2021 Australia Oman & UAE
2016 West Indies India
2014 Sri Lanka Bangladesh
2012 West Indies Sri Lanka
2010 England West Indies
2009 Pakistan England
2007 India South Africa

Australia has won the ICC T20 World Cup once despite winning the 50-over Cricket World Cup five times. They came close to winning the championship in 2010 but ultimately fell to Ashes rivals England.

The only side to have lost two T20 World Cup Finals in Sri Lanka, which won the tournament in 2014. They failed in 2009 and again in 2012.

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